Business Sprouts

Business Sprouts


There's a period of time between when a seed is planted and when it emerges from the soil where the growth cannot be seen.  You can watch, water, and have faith, but you won't know if your efforts are successful until that beautiful day where you finally see the green coming out of the ground.  Some planted seeds may take longer to sprout and some may not at all, but without planting a lack of growth is guaranteed.

There was once a seed that I carried in my pocket.  I carried it with me day in, and day out.  Every day I would touch it, admire it, and imagine how it would look as a full grown crop.  In daydreams, the seed would grow into such a large crop that I could lounge on it's leaves, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying rain clouds as they came and went.  The crop produced delicious fruits and vegetables for me, and I made sure it had all it needed to stay strong, as well.  I took care of my crop and my crop took care of me.  But there was one small problem.  There was no crop.  Just me...and a seed.

The reason I never planted this seed is because I doubted my abilities to grow it successfully.  I had tried my hand at growing and tending to other's crops; watching them enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I dabbled in vegetable markets, vineyards, citrus farming, but I could never find a place where I felt at peace in my work.  I enjoyed learning tricks of each trade, but my mind would wander back to my daydream all too often.  I'd lose my vigor and excitement for learning with each passing day.  Some excuse would be made about my inability to fit into one place, and then another, all the while my seed and my dream remained a secret.  

One day I finally came to the realization that there would be no farm, no market, no field where I would find the satisfaction that I felt in my daydreams.  Wandering here and there was only pushing me further and further from getting to where I belong.  I decided once and for all that I needed to gather what resources I had, use the skills I've learned, and plant the dang seed!  So here we are folks.  I've got the best soil I could find, I've gathered some delicious rain water, and I'm watching to see what sunlight placement feels the best.  Sprout or wilt, I'm going to give this seed my all and for what it's worth, I'd rather watch myself grow a useless weed, than die with this seed in my pocket.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  Without you, this business would remain solely in the confines of my vision.  Now that you're here, it has a chance at life.  

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